Lauria map

Lora'torel Edit

A high elven kingdom in the forested mountains of Lauria's eastern coast. Ruled by King Corvus Wispflight and his wife, Ravenna.

Kyra Edit

A kingdom predominated by humans and other races. Ruled by King Martin Castayne.

  • Shepshed - A small city near the southern border of Kyra
  • Xyne - The capital of Kyra and the main religious and military center.
  • Blackshore - The largest city in Kyra and the main hub of trade and innovation.
  • Taron - A small city located between Shepshed and Blackshore

Salamanticae Edit

The kingdom of the dragonborn.

The First Forest Edit

The untamed jungle south of Salamanticae, inhabitated by Lizardfolk and other monsterous races.

Librahzd Edit

A free city-state with a diverse populace built in a marshy bay, surrounded by a nigh-impenetrable marsh.

The Crownless Lands Edit

A dangerous wilderness held back only from small, independent castles and fortresses. There are frequent land disputes, no permanent over-arching leadership, and a great many monsters.

Osara Edit

The kingdom of the gray elves, known for being secretive and magically adept.

Abyos Edit

A desert region colonized by Osaran elves a few hundred years ago.