NPCS that have accompanied the party Edit

Alexi Rushe - A paladin/monk of The Raven Queen who went with the party to look for a source of undead and help them save potentially kidnapping victims.

Eos - A magical and seemingly sentient sword with some sort of connection to Alin

Saelsali - A grey elven warlock that the party rescued from Thane's tower.

Enemy NPCs Edit

Thane the Vile - A wizard with a tower in the Witchspur, known for summoning creatures

Ranier - Thane's apprentice, captured in Thane's tower in the Witchspur Wood

Other NPCs Edit

Thessaly - A strange witch living in the forest

Ember - A human elder of the Green City and a friend to Skoll

Ryianth - An elf from the Green City, accused of murdering the avatar of Melora. Skoll's childhood friend.

Reylyn - A high elf living in the Green City, brother to Ryianth

Kara Wheeler - A half-orc living in the Green City

Vara Frostblade

Diadara Eldric

Oren - A young human wizard who works in Mortimer's Magic Shop


Oren Vale